Candle in the Wind

Candle in the Wind

02 ago 2011

Suna No Oshiro

In the quietly flowing
White Castle of sand
Dried clouds pass by
That gray me
Just watched their vanishing

Into the castle of sand that I built
From gathering the stars
My tiny prayer

Waves that lay in waiting
Sweep you off your feet

A world of darkness...
A world of silence...

While the prayer that seems like it'll vanish soon
Is fanned by the wind
Nevertheless, I continue to light it
While I messed up again and again

The waves that lay in waiting
Sweep away the castle of sand that I built
With chilled hands

Please, someone...

3 commenti:

  1. *_* questa canzone è stupenda!! Adoro le canzoni di Kanon Wakeshima *__* e bella anche la musica di sottofondo del blog :D un bel tocco di novità ^^

  2. owo quanto mi piace questa canzone *w*

  3. sì è così cupo e gotico...una OST perfetta per Vampire Knight! :-)